Mozilla takes steps to deprecate non-SSL websites

Mozilla takes steps to deprecate non-SSL websites

04-05-2015 14:57:41
On its official blog Firefox developer team announced that they're going to focus their efforts on intent to phase out HTTP for HTTPS. That means Firefox is taking serious steps forward to fully encrypte and make the Internet a safer place.
There are two broad elements of this plan:
1. Setting a date after which all new features will be available only to secure websites
2. Gradually phasing out access to browser features for non-secure websites, especially features that pose risks to users’ security and privacy.
First, the community will need to agree on a date and a definition for “new features”, so insecure websites could still use things like CSS, but no new hardware capabilities.
Second there must be a compromise between security and compatibility. Removing features from the non-secure web will likely cause some sites to break. So monitoring the results for above changes will be necessary.
Decisions made by Firefox developers was coused by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IAB (Internet Architecture Board), W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and US Government calling for protecting privacy on the Internet.
Source: blog.mozilla.org

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03-07-2017 11:56:53

If you run a online business, you are sure to use Google AdWords. Perhaps this is one of the main traffic sources on your site, so the last message you want to see is "Your account has been suspended ...". And yet, you can expect it if your site is not SSL-secured.

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